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Portable Conveyor Belt Systems & More

Save time, effort, and money with our powerful portable solutions!
  • Access Construction Equipment is the proud manufacturer of the unique line of portable conveyors - "MiniveyorUSA™".
  • Along with the conveyors, Access also carries a line of Concrete Buggies, Mobile Crushers, Portable 3 Phase Generators, Light Stands, Scaffolding, and Irontreads Safety Footwear.
  • Access equipment lines have proven highly effective in numerous areas (i.e. construction, demolition, mining, tunneling, below grade excavating, disaster restoration, landscaping, and more).
  • Access Construction Equipment can benefit your operation with equipment designed to get the job done fast, efficiently, and cost effective to ensure a return on your investment.
portable conveyor belt and buggy

Modular Conveyor Belts

Rugged Conveyors

Access Construction Equipment is the manufacturer of the unique MiniveyorUSA™ portable conveyor. The MiniveyorUSA family of portable conveyor systems represents one of the most powerful and flexible solutions for any type of material handling. The wider MiniveyorUSA™ or the narrower unit, while portable can move 25-50 tons/hour, have reversible belts and foam cores to add strength while saving weight. The MiniveyorUSA™ is built to last and designed for multiple uses in material handling industries.

Miniconveyor Brochure

MiniveyorUSA Brochure

Concrete Power Buggies

The mighty Hi-T500 tracked hauler is a highly maneuverable dumper that can fit through a door frame as small as 28″. Despite its compact size, it is capable of tipping to the height of 48″ and discharging its load at ground level using a 180-degree discharge. This versatile concrete power buggy has been designed with the operator in mind. The central operating position has a low hand/arm vibration and a fully hydrostatic track drive and control. It is powered by a 9.5 HP Kubota air-cooled diesel engine with quick connect couplers and two speed transmission. An indispensable tool for dumper filling and truck loading.

Hi-C40 Mobile Jaw Crusher

Mobility, strength, power, these are keywords to describe the Hi-C40 Micro-Crusher. While it is compact enough to maneuver easily across a work site and through a standard doorway, it has the power to exert 60 ton crushing force. The Hi-C40 also has adjustable jaw gap using Adjustacrush system, a unique method of external adjustment. The mobile crusher has a dust suppressant system, which protects the operator, and a high level of operational safety through its four-point safety system.

Lobo Scaffolding

If it is a versatile, safe (OSHA approved) work platform that can go around, under, over or even through any desired object then the unique lobo system is for you. With affordable pricing, this quick to construct scaffolding system, with its “no tools assembly” feature, easily packs away for compact storage or transportation.

Three Phase Generator

Gas or diesel the 110 volt single phase generator comes with six separate individual 15 amp GFCI circuits. The 480 volt 3 phase gas or diesel generator weighing only 420lbs with optional wheel kits for easy maneuverability is just a sample of this unique line.

Access Construction Equipment Inc. has partnered with several North American Distributors, Dealer Representatives and has over 80 rental locations to serve the North American Market. If you are interested in becoming a part of our progressive team contact us at 1-866-760-7149 or email gmcarthur@miniveyorusa.com